Things to Consider When Hiring A Wedding DJ

Most people don’t think about it, but the music is by far the most important part of any reception.

  • Bridal magazines write; “on average, the DJ is responsible for 78% of the success of your wedding reception.” So, if need to trim costs and the DJ is a high priority, then consider trimming your budget in other places that aren’t as important.
  • Bridal magazines go on to inform us that “72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. 81% of the guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.” You want to make sure you are confident with the person you put in charge of this task.
  • When hiring entertainment for your wedding, most people look at price right away. I can tell you from doing this for over 10 years, this is not the way to go. With anything else in life, you often get what you pay for.
  •  Most of us only get one night that is solely ours. I pride myself on making every wedding not only successsful, but personal. I have many different ways to do this, from games, to a professional spotlight for dances and grand march, to a state of the art sound system, to the highest class of intelligent lighting out there. Here are a few reasons I believe I would go above and beyond anybodys expectations.

1. Location: You want a DJ that does a professional job, but also is there on time and focused. It is always a good idea, if you can, to find local businesses when planning your wedding. I have seen so many times where people do not show up, forget to bring an important item, or simply have troubles on the road and is rushed on the date of your wedding. I am completely set up with my shows at least 3 hours prior to reception. This is important because most mobile DJs show up when guests are arriving, do not do sound check, or correctly tie down cords for a sleek/professional look. It is your day, be confident in your entertainment choice.

2. Quality: Because I am booked nearly every weekend of the year with weddings and private parties, I can afford to keep my prices lower than most of my competitors. Most “Wedding” DJs only do weddings as a side gig. All of my equipment is of the highest quality. I come to your event with my own professionally carpeted DJ booth. (I do not use a table with a cloth over it). You will not see any cheap lighting fixture or junky 1970’s speakers. I constantly upgrade my equipment, so I know everything will always work. I do not use CDs like some DJs do. The reason for this is that I do not like songs skipping. When a song skips, it looks very unprofessional.

3. Back-Up Equipment: One of the most over-looked aspects in hiring a DJ. Does the DJ have back-up equipment. If not, I would not even think about hiring them. Being a professional means you are prepared for anything. I am one of the only DJs I know of that have a complete back-up of my current sound system and lighting.

4. Professionalism: Most DJs are part of a company or are DJing to make some extra money on the weekend. Do you want somebody in charge of your reception that does not put 100% into it. My full-time job is running my company. I put all that I have into it, and get it all back with compliments and referrals. I am the only DJ, so you know exactly what you are getting. (In case of emergency, I have other professionals to help out, but this has never happened!)