Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why should I go with WTD Entertainment?
A) At What’s The Damage Entertainment, you get what you see. There are no angles, no substitute DJs, and my full attention. This is my business and my job. Every aspect of your wedding reception is thought out in advance, making your special day as perfect as possible!

Q) Aren’t all mobile DJs basically the same?
A) This couldn’t be further from the truth. When picking the right DJ for your event, make sure you are comfortable with the person in charge of it. Never go with a company that uses alot of different DJs. I guarantee you that you will not get the DJ you choose. I make every effort to make sure my customers are completely satisfied with my service. I use only professional equipment and the best lighting available. I come prepared with a full DJ booth and a 7,000 watt sound system to accommodate any venue.

Q) When do you set up your equipment?
A) I come fully prepared to set up ASAP. I come to every event as early as possible to make sure I know everything about the venue. I also do a complete sound and lighting check. My set-up is the most professional looking one I have ever seen! Everything is completely set-up an hour before guests arrive. (At a minimum)

Q) Are there different packages we can choose from?
A) Absolutely not. Packages are DJs way of ripping off customers. A good DJ will bring their very best equipment to every gig. Add-ons are usually rented equipment that the DJ has never used before. All of my equipment is constantly updated and new. I even include a spotlight for grand marches and special dances, for free! The only add-on I have is for projector and screen rental.

Q) How many hours am I paying for?
A) You are paying for basically unlimited hours. I am there from the beginning of the reception until you tell me to stop! The only change in pricing would be for off-site wedding music, outdoor events, or events going over 8 hours.

Q) Can we make a playlist for you to play?
A) I believe a good DJ should be able to figure out what the crowd likes within the first 30 minutes of a dance. I give my clients a play/do not play list that they can fill out to their liking. If you want to have a playlist, it is cheaper to rent some speakers and have a friend do it. If you want an unbelievable experience you will not soon forget, hire What’s The Damage Entertainment.